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Chinese Exports

This infographic is clearly meant to present Chinese exports as a menace.  Use of red implies danger, and encircling trade flows suggests encroachment and, to use a favorite Communist term, hegemony


My experience is that office email is rarely productive.  I have been at a company that tried “No Email Fridays.”  It collapsed after 3 weeks, with senior management committing the most offenses.

I do like the “Are You A Vet?” node.

Web Logo Colors

Here’s an example of an infographic that tries to depict a more consistent world than actually exists.  I see more variation in color palettes for similar sites than presented here.  Having worked with designers for years, I also know that merely suggesting that “it’s a social media site, so I think it should be blue,” guarantees the designer will choose anything but blue.

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I Love Infographics

Kind of Manga for thinking people.  Here’s one I found today: